Buddy Belts



How to Measure:  When selecting the correct size of Buddy Belt for your dog, there are four important points to keep in mind. 


1.      When buckled, the Buddy Belt should comfortably fasten at one of the three middle holes.  There are five holes in total.  If your dog is still growing, the tightest hole is accept able, as long as the Buddy Belt still fits snugly.  If you are wearing the Buddy Belt over the top of a sweater, the end hole is acceptable. 

2.    A girth measurement (full circle all the way around the body, directly behind the front legs) and weight are required to determine the correct size.

3.    An ideal fit will allow enough room for a finger or two to slip underneath when you give a light tug up on the “O” ring.

4.    Your dog should be standing on all four legs when being fitted for his Buddy Belt.


If your final measurement is between sizes we strongly recommend you buy the larger size.  Most exchange requests are made because customers have bought an item that is too small for their pet.


Breed Guide:  Breed guides are provided as guides only.  All pets come in different shapes and sizes – even the same breed will vary depending on their age and weight.  Sizes will also vary from designer-to-designer so please ensure that you measure your pet before placing your order. 







20-25 cm

Less than 0.9 kg


25-30 cm

0.9 – 1.81 kg


30-35 cm

1.81 – 3.63 kg


33-38 cm

3.17 – 4.08 kg


35-40 cm

3.63 – 5.44 kg


40-45 cm

5.44 – 8.16 kg


45-56 cm

8.16 – 11.34 kg


56-66 cm

11.34 – 20.14 kg


66-75 cm

20.14 – 27.22 kg


75-92 cm

27.22 – 38.55 kg


89-107 cm

38.55 – 45.36 kg +