Vintage Bobbi Dog Coat (Mistral Natural Plaid Fjord)

by Roving Woolens

Roving Woolens create high-end heirloom and vintage-inspired pieces.  Their luxurious wool Bobbi Dog Coats are entirely made by hand using eco-friendly methods and materials in the USA.  All Roving Woolens coats are limited edition, but also available for pre-order if we don’t have your size in stock.


These one-of-a-kind Bobbi Coats are classically styled for dogs.  The wool fabric is hand-selected with an artful palate in mind.  It is then washed, and hand-dyed to give a supple, yet durable texture to the wool.


Variations in hue of the fabric are desirable and reflect the individuality of each item.


The liner is needle felted by hand using the highest quality Norwegian Pelsull wool that has been hand-selected to coordinate with the outer wool fabric.  This creates a breathable, lightweight jacket with a soft texture that provides your special someone with superior warmth and durability - even if wet!


This coat is currently available in size Medium only, although all other sizes are available for special order.


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Material: Wool

Price: $349.00
Sale price: $209.40

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